Back To Betty’s!

February 3, 2008


In December, Ham and I headed back for a second round at Betty’s House Of Treasures. See what we found!


Discount Outlet Center Update…and more!

June 21, 2007


We recently revisited Discount Outlet Center, in Bridgeport, NY. The update is at the end of our first article on this fantabulous flea market. Just click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page!

And we have a few more updates as well…

We have heard from the artist that painted that 80s painting we found at Thrifty Treasures Flea Market. Click the link and scroll almost to the bottom of the page – the update is written in black.

And my friend Norah enlightened me on the first Top 40 list shown in the My Notebook From 1985 article. Again, the update is written in black and is written just below the first Top 40 list on the page.

Thrifty Shopper!

May 28, 2007


Come see what we found at our local Thrifty Shopper!


Thrifty Treasures Flea Market

April 12, 2007


This is just one of many junk heaps in Thrifty Treasures. Did we find anything in this mess? Come find out!


Salvation Army

February 11, 2007

We recently visited the local Salvation Army just for fun. Come check out all the Absurd items we found during our adventure!