Native American Smurfs… and more!

November 11, 2007

This is not an article… just a blog entry!

Who knew???

Yep, Smurfs are BACK, bitchez! I was running around the Target site when I came across several toys from the 70s and 80s that are making a comeback. None caught me more by surprise than the new Smurfs sets.

I have very vivid memories of playing with these kinds of little smurf dolls over at my friend Linda’s house as a child. We’d put on Smurf talent shows or just play out some Smurf dramz. Now I always see several bins full of those miniatures at every flea market we visit. I’ve always thought about buying them while the price was low. Never did it. Maybe I still have time before their value increases. Well, who knows if they ever really will increase in value. But the appearance of NEW Smurf toys is a great sign.

They even have Gargamel’s lab

…and Smurfette’s bedroom set!

Not to mention the best Smurf ever…this bitchen drummer Smurf!

La la la la la la, smurf the whole day long!

Long live the 80s!