Vintage Recipe Extravaganza!

May 1, 2013

Do you like the crazy old recipes with absurd photos found in old cookbooks? Project Absurd presents our newest spinoff, Vintage Recipe Extravaganza! And, we have a new correspondent (Norah) to help us out! Welcome aboard, Norah!

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Don’t Tip The Waiter

February 6, 2008
Don’t Tip The Waiter

In 1979 the Colorforms company put out this wonderful game. I used to play it at my grandmother’s house with my cousins. I haven’t seen it in years. Yet, I require it. I must find it. I have to have it.

Many years ago I realized it had gone missing from Grandma’s. She had no idea what happened to it. It was just… gone. And, you know how it is. Now it has become a thing. I can’t let it go. It haunts me.

Why was this game so great? Hell if I know. It probably wasn’t. Yet, because I don’t have it in my posession to ignore personally, I just find myself longing for it. Occasionally, I check eBay to see if I can find it cheaply. Never happens. The cheap versions are missing parts. And the complete sets are expensive. The completed auction I shamelessly swiped these photos from was for a complete set (as you’ll see) and sold for $41 + $5.60 shipping and handling! I’m getting married in 3 months, I don’t have that kind of cash on hand to throw away on a board game. Not even this, the most awesome of all board games.

These pictures represent the first time I have even seen this game (except for pictures of the cover on board game websites) in probably 20 years. Now I want this game back even more!


The game consisted of a large-nosed waiter made of heavy cardboard.


Once assembled, his torso and arms would rock back and forth in an unsteady manner.


At the top of his outstretched hand, above his head, was a tray. And on this tray would sit the crux of the game. The plates of food!


The food was the best. Just look at it! The corn-on-the-cob, the spaghetti, the alphabet soup, the… whatever that is third one down on the left-hand side! My favorite meals are the lollipop and the candy cane on plates. Ya gotta love that.

I believe the point of the game was to take turns putting a plate on the waiter’s tray. Whoever made the waiter tip and dump the plates then had to pay the waiter cash-money (you know, tipping the waiter for “tipping the waiter”). I think whoever was left with money in the end won the game. Or maybe I’m forgetting something. But speaking of money, the money in this game ROCKS.


So I know, I know. It’s a silly and pointless game. But that’s why I like it. Sometimes silly and pointless things are the best (hence, this whole site!)!

If anyone knows where I can get this game – complete – and for not a huge wad of dough, let me know! And please, please…



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