Fake McDonalds beverages

April 21, 2010

I spotted the following in my local McDonalds today:

If you look closely, or even if you look from far away, you’ll notice that those are not real McCafe beverages. Now, I know it is quite common for restaurants to display “fake” food in order to entice customers into buying stuff. However, the “fake” food is usually put together so well that it almost looks real. It makes you want to buy that yummy dessert because it just looks so darn good in the display.

Well, ‘Donalds has no need to put together no darn fancy displays. Let’s look at those cups a little closer. On the bottom of the cup we have some sort of colored sand, perhaps purchased at a booth at a local Field Days, playing the role of the lovely beverage. Magically floating about a half inch above the sand is the “foam”, played by a couple of wads of cotton. Next up is my favorite part, the syrup topping, which is played by…

Wait for it…

Ok, ready?


The fact that some McDonalds employee thought that sand, cotton and yarn would make somebody crave a McCafe beverage just makes me giggle.