El Chupacabra in Phoenix, NY

November 1, 2009

For over three years, we here at Project Absurd have been anxiously awaiting the opening of the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, NY. Owner John Adolfi has been posting on his site about the upcoming opening of his museum since February 2006. Finally, in October 2009, he opened the museum to the public. Well, sort of.

Perhaps I should explain more about the museum before I go any further. Mr. Adolfi claims his reasons for opening the museum are to raise questions about evolution and to prove creationism by displaying strange oddities – human, animal and otherwise. Now, I don’t know if I exactly understand his theory, and I’d rather not even get into it on our little goofy site (you can click here to go to his site and read through his blog posts for yourself). What I do understand is that if there’s going to be a museum filled with strange oddities, then Project Absurd is there!

As you can see on the Lost World Museum site, early on Mr. Adolfi had mentioned obtaining several items including a one-eyed cat, a mastodon skull and the alleged chupacabra noted in the video below. But, the museum still remained unopened. We were, however, treated to some fabulous videos featuring interviews with some teenagers that claimed to have captured a chupacabra. This is some grade A, high quality, stuff.

Here’s video #1:

I love this interview! These kids crack me up! Let’s recap what happened, according to our tractor-lovin’, tobacco-chewin’ friends Josh and Jordy. They’re driving along, going to get some pizza, and they spot a strange creature running across the road. They stop the vehicle and chase the creature. Jordy says he kicked it out of the weeds. Then, when asked by Mr. Adolfi if he kicked it, he says “no”. The kids then catch the creature and put it in their vehicle. Josh then brags about holding it out the back window while eating pizza and drinking soda. Now that’s talent! And, of course, that is what any of us would do if we caught a strange, mythological creature. The boys then put the creature in a shed. They did not once consider taking a picture of it or contacting the authorities. Instead, after it wouldn’t eat or drink, they shot it. No, wait… Jordy’s brother shot it. Then, after a week they went back to the shed and only found the bones of the creature. So, after they shot it they still left it in the shed for a week? My brain hurts.

This next video is an interview with Jordy’s mother, Susan, and is, in my opinion, even funnier than the previous video.

You can tell a lot of thought was put into the location of this interview. From the trash behind Susan to the lovely chair she’s sitting on, this puts Josh and Jordy’s tractor to shame. However, the real stars of this interview are the crazy dog and the baby. First the dog keeps trying to smell Susan’s face, then it frantically follows her hands around as she gestures. The absolute best part of the interview is when the baby sneezes on the picture of a chupacabra that Mr. Adolfi gives to Susan. Hilarious! I wonder if that was his only copy of the picture and, if so, how he explains the baby snot all over it to anyone he happens to show it to – “Well, the chupacabra is known for having a shiny, sticky feel to it”.

Anyway, after all of the blog posts, pictures and now videos on their website, the Lost World Museum still hadn’t opened.

Sometime in the summer of 2009, a chupacabra corpse and been found in Texas. It was stuffed and mounted and then purchased by… you guessed it, John Adolfi.

This finally brings us to the (sort-of) opening of the Lost World Museum in October 2009. This was billed as a “preview” of the museum to raise funds, and would only feature the newly purchased chupacabra. So, of course, we had to go check it out.

Going into Phoenix, NY we certainly had no trouble finding where we wanted to go.

chupa01 chupa02

They certainly spared no expense on their signage. I can’t exactly say the same for the front of the museum.


The white door features a sign that will probably be included in our Signs Of The Absurd section, stating, “Thank you for closing the door”.

Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by Mr. Adolfi, his wife Christen, and one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever met, a black Lab named Moo-Moo. We were given a tour by Christen while John worked on his computer. First, we were shown a couple of video clips about chupacabras, while Moo-Moo rolled about on the floor and then asked us for some scratching behind the ears. We were then shown the bones of the chupacabra that our friends Josh and Jordy killed.


I’ll let you make up your own opinions in this one. Notice the Ziploc bag that contains “Stomach Contents”.

We were then taken into a room containing the infamous chupacabra. To her credit, Mrs. Adolfi didn’t proclaim that it was a mythological creature, instead exclaiming that they “didn’t know what it was”. She also stated that DNA samples had been given to scientists to find out what the creature was, and as soon as they were told they would post the results on their site.

I guess this would be quite an anticlimactic post if I didn’t post a picture of the chupacabra, wouldn’t it? So, here it is:


I don’t know. Looks a bit like a dog to me, but what do I know of mythological creatures? I must say the taxidermist did a fantastic job. The eyes in particular looked really creepy.


Aaah! Scares me every time!

We were afraid we would get lectured about creationism when we went to the museum, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. Mrs. Adolfi only told us they like to present the question, “Did we come from Apes, Aliens or Adam?”. She also gave us a bit of a preview of the museum, showing us a huge mastodon head. I was very impressed, until Kelly told me later that she said it was a replica of a mastodon head. Somehow, I didn’t hear her say the “replica” part.

The latest official opening date of the museum is Spring 2010. So, if this actually happens, we will be returning and making a full post on Project Absurd.

Thanks for reading,

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