UFO Abduction – 1989

April 20, 2008

UFO Abduction was the predecessor to the successful UPN show, Alien Abduction. Click here to see my full review, which also features new comments from the creator of the film, Dean Alioto.


1/25/09 UPDATE: Judging from most of the comments (in this and my Alien Abduction review), no one has even bothered to read my article before they post their reaction to the film. Everyone is just wondering if it’s “real” or “fake”. It’s neither. It’s just a movie, folks! That’s all it was ever intended to be. I thought that my article, plus the fact that the film’s creator added comments to the review, made that point very obvious. I would no sooner call this “real” or “fake” than I would Star Wars or any other science fiction movie. It’s just unnecessary. Now, please click on the link above and read my review of the show – I think you’ll enjoy it – and then leave a comment. Thanks!