Elementary School Films Of The 1980s

April 22, 2007


Did you go to elementary school during the 1980s? Were you subjected to films during your lunch break? During non-denominational holiday gatherings? For “educational purposes?” Click here to see what I was forced to watch, including the classic horrifying school bus safety film, And Then It Happened…



Stuff Found In A Shoebox

April 2, 2007


Come see what absurdities I found in a shoebox from my parents’ house!


Let’s Break

February 6, 2007

Let’s Break

Get out your Alfonso Ribiero Breakin’ Board and check out some video clips from my Betamax tape, “Let’s Break – A Visual Guide To Breakdancing” (1984).


Backstage with KISS in 1988

December 9, 2006


Read about my experience Backstage With KISS In 1988, written when I was 15 years old. This review is taken directly from my old journal, and I’ve included new comments making fun of my young self. Also included are photos from the event.