Dawn Of The Dead Mall

June 28, 2015

mm-signProject Absurd recently visited Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA, which was the site of the 1978 horror movie Dawn Of The Dead. Click here to see the article, which compares the mall now to how it used to look in the movie.


Magic With The Stars

February 9, 2013


Click here to check out our review of Magic With The Stars (1982).


Super Bowl 19 & 21 Half Time Shows

January 21, 2011

Click here to check out the absurd Half Time Shows from Super Bowls 19 and 21. Then, come back here and vote on which show you think is more absurd.

Holiday Gift Ideas 2010 – #8 – Understanding Crappie!

December 11, 2010

Absurd Wrestling Moments From The 80s

July 14, 2010

Professional wrestling sure has had its share of absurd moments over the years. Here are three video clips from the WWF in the 1980s that we recently found.

Hulk Hogan trains “Mean” Gene Okerlund for their upcoming tag team match against Mr. Fuji and George “The Animal” Steele (1984).

I’m not sure which of them is more annoying. I remember hating Mean Gene back then, but now I just find him amusing. Hulk Hogan has always annoyed me. I spared you the horror of watching the tag team match. Not that the match was that horrible, but the sight of Mean Gene in wrestling tights is just too cruel of a punishment for anyone.

Next, some of the WWF stars give their 1987 New Year’s Resolutions.

Good thing they never lowered themselves to using stereotypes. George “The Animal” Steele’s answer is my favorite.

Speaking of George, here’s a great clip of “The Animal” visiting the zoo (1986).


Project Absurd

Happy New Year, America (1984)

December 29, 2009

Click here to join host Andy Williams as he welcomes in 1985 with Happy New Year, America!


Paul Lynde Halloween Special – 1976

October 16, 2008

Click here to check out my review of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, which originally aired on October 29, 1976.


Upstate NY Country

June 6, 2008

Check out some of the absurd video clips contained in “Upstate NY Country“.


Lunchroom Manners

April 25, 2008

Messing around on archive.org we found this fabulous video from 1959 on having good lunchroom manners. WordPress won’t let me embed the video from that site here so I found it on youtube and have posted the youtube one instead. Enjoy, and if you want even more fun, click the link after the video to read the comments over at the archive.org site – including some comments from the stars of the video themselves!



UFO Abduction – 1989

April 20, 2008

UFO Abduction was the predecessor to the successful UPN show, Alien Abduction. Click here to see my full review, which also features new comments from the creator of the film, Dean Alioto.


1/25/09 UPDATE: Judging from most of the comments (in this and my Alien Abduction review), no one has even bothered to read my article before they post their reaction to the film. Everyone is just wondering if it’s “real” or “fake”. It’s neither. It’s just a movie, folks! That’s all it was ever intended to be. I thought that my article, plus the fact that the film’s creator added comments to the review, made that point very obvious. I would no sooner call this “real” or “fake” than I would Star Wars or any other science fiction movie. It’s just unnecessary. Now, please click on the link above and read my review of the show – I think you’ll enjoy it – and then leave a comment. Thanks!