Vintage Recipe Extravaganza!

May 1, 2013

Do you like the crazy old recipes with absurd photos found in old cookbooks? Project Absurd presents our newest spinoff, Vintage Recipe Extravaganza! And, we have a new correspondent (Norah) to help us out! Welcome aboard, Norah!

Check it out!


Pardon Our Mess

July 14, 2011

Project Absurd is moving to new headquarters and will be back soon!

2 New Blogs!

July 9, 2010

We are proud to announce two new blogs here at Project Absurd!

First, we took down our old article on googie signs and instead reposted the pictures – and then some – in blog form! Check it out – there is all-new content there as well!

Googie Signs

Second, we’ve added a blog with only all-new content:

Who’s Behind the Zebra? – It’s fun with satellite radio!

Enjoy! These, along with Signs Of The Absurd, will be updated often as we find content. We may not post each and every one of their updates on this main blog – we’ll probably only make a post here if the update is huge. So bookmark these blogs and check in with them often for sh.ts and giggles laughs and thrills!

Signs Of The Absurd – Updated!

June 20, 2010

We’ve added 14 new blog entries to Signs Of The Absurd! To see them, just click the link in the previous sentence or click the picture, below. Be sure to click the “Previous Entries” link when you get to the bottom of the page to see all 14 new posts!

Signs Of The Absurd – MAJOR UPDATE

September 19, 2009

We’ve made Signs Of The Absurd into a blog! And there’s been a major update of new entries, too! Check it out! Signs Of The Absurd will be continually updated from now on – remember to check in on it once in a while – a link to it will always be in the top right side of this, the main Project Absurd blog!


Project Absurd on Facebook!

May 17, 2009

Project Absurd is now on Facebook! Search for us there – you’ll find us!

Videos Not Working

February 19, 2009

We’ve had an eensy teensy issue with one of our Youtube accounts and most of the videos in our articles are not working right now. It will probably take a while, but we’ll try to get it fixed as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience! So very Project-Absurdy-worthy!



January 20, 2009

Mary's 1980 Diary

Click on the image above or click here to read the diary!

In 2008 the Project Absurd team found this diary at an almost-abandoned flea market where everything was for sale at rock-bottom prices. The sale was all you could stuff in a box for $1.00 (and there will be more on that later!), so of course we had to drop the diary in the box! It is filled with teenage angst, 1980s pop culture references, and is just plain fun to read – not to mention a great slice of life from the 1980s. If you click the link above you’ll see I’m transcribing this diary in blog format. I will update the blog each day the diary is updated throughout the next year. So bookmark it! If there are any huge gaps of time without entries I will post here when the entries resume.

I’m not sure how old the author of the diary is – but I would guess around 12 or 13. We have altered the names (leaving out last names, etc.) to protect the innocent. However, the original diarist’s name really was Mary. We figured this is a popular enough name that this diary owner will not be obvious to anyone based on that alone.

Mary, if you are out there and want this blog taken down (and/or want your old diary back!) please let us know through Project Absurd and we will be absolutely willing to accomodate your request. If you think you might know the original owner, please let them know! Our intent is not to ridicule or make fun of the diarist, we simply think this is a great, wonderful read.

Enjoy and click here to read the diary!

It is time once again to give thanks…

November 26, 2008

…for the absurdity in our lives!

Happy Thanksgiving from Project Absurd!

Mongolian Death Flu, and…

February 17, 2008

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Ham and I have both been monumentally, epically, absurdly sick (actually bedridden for days at a time) for over a week now with what appears to be the Mongolian Death flu. We’re working our way back to health, but I also don’t know how often we’ll be posting in the next few months ahead because… 

Project Absurd is planning a wedding!

Yes, we are getting married in a few months so we’ll be extremely busy with that. Rest assured, though, that after mid-June things should get rolling here at Project Absurd. And over the next few months the updates won’t stop completely, they’ll just be fewer and further-between. We don’t want anyone to think we’re losing interest or the site is dying. Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve just got some life to live!

Much love,