Super Bowl 19 & 21 Half Time Shows

Click here to check out the absurd Half Time Shows from Super Bowls 19 and 21. Then, come back here and vote on which show you think is more absurd.

2 Responses to Super Bowl 19 & 21 Half Time Shows

  1. Andy See says:

    Okay, here are some basic things in a Disney themed halftime show I’d like to see.
    1. For the intro, in a humorous take on the opening Disney logo, a castle appears. A little girl dressed as Tinkerbell is catapulted over the castle screaming in terror
    2. The castle would open up to reveal a Rock ‘N Roll band comprised of Peter Pan on lead male vocals and rhythm guitar, Alice (of Wonderland fame) on lead female vocals and bass guitar, Aladdin on lead guitar and supporting vocals, and Beast (from Beauty and the Beast) on the drums.
    3. Various Disney mascots would run on to the field and would be treated to some all-time great Rock songs as the crowd would reveal album covers through color cards.
    By the way, I don’t think Snow White is a good role model anyway. For crying out loud, she’s 14 and wants to get married ASAP!

  2. Andy See says:

    Oh, I forgot to say, maybe you should include the character Snow White herself on this website. She just seems really absurd to me.

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