Sears Christmas Wishbook 1976 – Part 3

I’m back – I think Ham’s done all the posts since Christmas! I owe him a debt of gratitude for keeping the site going as I once again had to battle some real-world problems. Thank you, Ham!

And without further ado, I bring to you Sears Christmas Wishbook Part 3 – Kitchens! Enjoy!



One Response to Sears Christmas Wishbook 1976 – Part 3

  1. dmp12 says:

    This was a riot to read about the 1976 Sears catalog wish book. Too funny to remember all the kitchen decor in particular. I was a bride in 1977 and I used the Sears book a lot to pick out my gifts! I did a yellow / brown kitchen and had …. the chickens!!! My girlfriend of many, many years and a few years younger than me had….the mushrooms! Only difference? She had the smarts to pack her mushrooms away until the day that we would yearn for retro vintage … I have roosters now but wish I had some of my Ortigi Owls or my chickens! She in turn DOES have her 1976 mushrooms! Too funny!!!!!

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