Mister Shake

Click here to check out the absurdly awesome Mister Shake mini-golf course in Richfield Springs, NY.



4 Responses to Mister Shake

  1. mike says:

    They have recently updated the fence. I was there today and it is new. The old man in the tub creeps me out!

  2. frank says:

    The best soft ice cream I’ve ever eaten…from Long Island, my kids would often wind up here when we visited our family home on Lake Canadarago. They were there every summer from 1994 through 2005 playing miniature golf for free and eating the wonderful food and ice cream. What great memories.

  3. Andy See says:

    Hello again. One of the comments suggested that this course is totally different. Personally though, I’d like to come here just to stick it to Snow White. Like I said back in the Super Bowl XXI halftime show, she’s a terrible role-model. She’s only 14, and wants to get married ASAP! Come to think of it, she needs her own page here, because she certainly seems absurd to me.

  4. Andy See says:

    Oh, and also a special thank you for the John Mellencamp reference. I love his music, and to see this is incredible, especially since he hasn’t had a Top 40 hit since 1997. He’s had three albums that rank in my ring of honor, and has had many more great rootsy songs.

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