Plague party!

I’m planning on throwing a plague party and have no idea where to find party favors. (turn on TV “on the phone” mode) What was that? What’s a plague party? Well, let me tell you. (turn off TV “on the phone” mode)

A plague party celebrates a joyous time in our history, as told in the book of Exodus in The Bible. As the story goes, the pharaoh of Egypt would not let the Israelite slaves leave his land. So, God imposed 10 plagues upon the Egyptian people until the pharaoh let the Israeli people free. I know this may not be exactly how the story went, but that’s not important to this blog post. What’s important to me is that… this sounds like the perfect theme for a party! You can keep your hula, disco, and Easter bunny themed parties! I’m having me an Egyptian Plague Party! Whoooo! Now, where can I buy some party favors… especially ones for all the kiddies coming to the festivities?

Lucky me, my local Party City had an entire end-cap (that’s store lingo for the shelves on the end of an aisle) full of plague party favors! First, we have the “Bag Of Plagues”:

Wow, that looks like a bunch of cool stuff that the kiddies would love to play with! Let’s see what’s included:

Plague #1 – So, for the “Blood” plague we have the “Fake Blood” toy.
Plague #2 – For the “Frog” plague we have a frog (duh!).
Plague #3 – For the “Lice” plague we have a “Small Black Bug” (couldn’t they have just called it “Lice” again to be consistant?).
Plague #4 – For the “Wild Beasts” plague we have an “Animal Finger Puppet” (a lion, at that. Awesome!).
Plague #5 – For the “Cattle Plague” we are given a cow mask. Ok. Teaching the kiddies role-playing as well. I like it.
Plague #6 – For “Boils” we have a “Sticky Hand with Boils”. Clever.
Plague #7 – For the “Hail” plague we have an “Ice Cube with Fire”. Huh? I don’t even know what that means.
Plague #8 – We are given a “Large Green Locust” for the “Locust” plague. The obvious choice.
Plague #9 – For the “Darkness” plague we are given sunglasses. I think a blindfold may have been more appropriate.
Plague #10 – For perhaps the most horrible of the plagues, “Death of Firstborn” we are given a lovely 9 piece puzzle.

But that’s not all! There were more plague party favors to be found. I give you the Ten Plagues Finger Puppets!

This is just too awesome for words. I do love me some puppets! While ones of the finger variety are not my favorite, you have to love the faces on these things! Plus most of us have 10 fingers, and there are 10 puppets. Like Dan Spitz would say, “Do the math!”. I can imagine countless ways that the kiddies would play with these Plague Puppets (Plag-uppets?). Hail, Lice, and Frogs could be all happy having a party then along comes those killjoys Blood and Boils to ruin the fun. Hot damn! I think I’m going to be playing with these more than “the kids” will!

But there’s more! You thought the “Cow Mask” was cool earlier? How about a whole bag full of plague masks?

I love the Lice mask! I think I’ve found next year’s Halloween costume!

Let’s see the back of that package:

That Locust mask is pretty Dope too.

At this point you’re probably wondering what plague would be popular enough to go solo and have it’s own merchandising. You know, which one would be the “Justin Timberlake” of plagues? Well…

(Cue Oprah voice) It’s Frooooogs! (end Oprah voice)

Now this is no fair! I never got toys like this when I was a kid! I just got lousy old Star Wars figures and Etch-A-Sketches. No one ever gave me a Cattle Fatigue finger puppet! Damn you kids!


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2 Responses to Plague party!

  1. scootronimus says:

    hahahaha, I actually own the top one… the sunglasses were way too small though!

  2. scootronimus says:

    oh, and the finger puppet I got was a giraffe– you know for when the Egyptians were mauled by rabid herds of giraffes. Also, the sticky hand thing gave the niece of a friend of mine a horrible allergic reaction, so apparently the boils was a little bit more than symbolic!

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