Super Bowl 23 Half Time Show

Click here to read our review of Super Bowl 23 Half Time Show – Be Bop Bamboozled In 3-D, featuring Elvis Presto.


8 Responses to Super Bowl 23 Half Time Show

  1. Rob says:

    You can Find some other way to put the full show up, even if it’s rapidshare or megaupload.

  2. Andy See says:

    I think the people who made this halftime show were just trying too hard to make a ton of spectacle. I think that if a band who could play their instruments well could cover 1950’s songs (or 1950’s styled songs, like the ones at this halftime show)that would be fine. The only spectacle needed, is that the on-field crowd wears 1950’s themed outfits, and that the stage has 1950’s themed decor. Compared to the halftime show shown here, it would be the very definition of restraint.

  3. Andy See says:

    Aww Man, why do I keep thinking of new things to say after I’m done commenting? I forgot to mention something very obvious. The band itself should be wearing 1950’s themed outfits. I hope I don’t have to comment on this again.

  4. Matt says:

    There were no 50s songs there, unbelievable. Although I think they should get a free pass on “Do You Love Me”, since the early 60s was kind of a continuation of the 50s. For example, how many people know that “Duke Of Earl” (1962), “Runaway” (1961), “Monkey Time” (1963), “Poetry In Motion” (1960), “Stand By Me” (1960), and “Runaround Sue” (1961) aren’t real 50s songs? The style sounds indistinguishable from the 50s. But still, if we give them credit for that, 1 out of 7 is a 14%. They still got it horribly wrong. “Devil with a Blue Dress” and “Good Lovin” are definite mid-60s sounding songs (okay, they have vague 50s elements to their sound, but that’s about it), so why they were there is a mystery to me. They should’ve called it a 60s halftime show, the clothes look mid-60s they’re wearing anyway.

  5. Patricia Lanza says:

    My sister was a participant in this extravaganza, and we have been looking to purchase a copy of the show but have not been able to find it for sale. Would y’all be able to help? She is a stand out because everyone turned right and she turned left, and said oh s@#% as the camera was panning across her group. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks

  6. Coleen DeCrescente says:

    I was a participant in the halftime show also. Some of my teammates and I also were interviewed by ESPN prior to the show. I would love to have that interview.

  7. Krista G says:

    Holy crap, I was in this show…the original line up cancelled and every dance team in Miami was called in to learn the show in a week. It was a mess but we did what we were taught and it sucks that it was really the worst show in the history of the super bowl. I rocked my green reversible skirt though. lol 🙂

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