Kool-Aid Points

Click here to check out our tribute to merchandise ordered using Kool-Aid points.


28 Responses to Kool-Aid Points

  1. Jody says:

    This news of the Kool-Aid points discontinuation saddens me as well. I too remember eagerly scoring comic books, or if I was lucky, getting one of those fold out pamphlet style catalogs at the grocery store heralding the new Kool Aid merchandise. I started saving when I was like 4 or 5 and only remembering redeeming them once or twice, at one point having close to a 1000 points. Now I’m nearly 28 years old and know for a FACT I never disposed of them! I imagine there kicking around in an old box someplace and would be really excited to find them before they expire.

  2. Jim says:

    Hey Ham

    My name is Jim Anderson. I’ve been contacting Kraft and their media department about doing a little documentary (22 minutes) about the end and the life of the kool aid program. I was wondering if I could use some of your images for the documentary. I was enthralled by this program as a child and followed it all they way until its demise. I currently have an order form out and one on its way. I got a towel 2 shirts and 2 pitchers. We’ll see what I get in the mail.

    Remember the commercials where you had to find Kool Aid Man? They gave you this map and you had to mark off where he was. He wasn’t in all the locations. I would rush home and play back vhs tapes I had recording. Exhilarating!

    I hope to hear from you soon

    James Anderson

    • Yes, you can use some of the pictures as long as you put “Courtesy of projectabsurd.com” on each of them.

      Let me know if your documentary gets completed. I’d like to see it!

  3. whatawhale says:

    That “purple” guy windsurfning with Pink Swimmingo and Rockadile is named Incrediberry. He is really not purple but red.

  4. Kimberly Hannah says:

    I really enjoyed your website! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. misty stickler says:

    Iloved your site. I thought it was cute. I have alot of points and nothing to do with them now.

  6. Ginger says:

    I miss rockadile red 😦 does anyone know what flavors i could mix to come close to it? still going through rockadile red withdrawal!

  7. Brittany says:

    Thanks for posting this article! I had so much fun reading it. (: Unfortunately, I didn’t even realize Kool-Aid discontinued their rewards program. I still have a whole bucket of points under my sink that I was meaning to redeem. ):

  8. Burger B says:

    Didn’t they also have a grape flavor in the late 80s called “Purplesaurus Rex” that went along with Rockadile Red? I’m vaguely remember this for some reason..

  9. david j says:

    i too have a large quanity of kool-aid stuff. it just so happens that i was cleaning out and rearranging the closet at home and to my surprise i ran across a bag of kool-aid points.i too orderd a lot of merchandise with points that were readily available to me. i have,rock-a-dile red,dancing kool-aid man,except he doesn’t dance anymore,i have a kool-aid barbie,different sizes of t-shirts,kool-aid socks,suspenders,comic shorts,kool-aid bike hats,watches,and more. i wish i could of used the rest of my points also.

  10. chris m says:

    I grew up on Koolaid as a kid and and as an adult and married my wife and I same points like crazy. Our biggest purchase was the Koolaid glass jug we even name our cat Koolaid. We have so many point still sadden to here no longer able to use its to bad ity was alway great to see what was new coming out if you ever restart let the world know. Thanks

  11. Jess says:

    As a kid we had terrible well water with no filter so the only way to drink the water was in Kool-aid! (this was before the days of bottled water) Well we had a lot of points saved up, we were saving for the big prize, I think it was tickets to 6 flags or something like that. Well right as we were getting close I noticed that in the points pamphlet they had done away with all the big ticket items! I was very disappointed we had saved all those points up and now all we could get at best was a t-shirt. Of course by now it’s done away with altogether.

  12. Cheryl says:

    Here it is 2013 and I am cleaning out a box and find a bag of points. There must be at least a thousand points in this bag. I am so upset as I was hopping to order something for my grandson. 😦 does anyone know if they will ever redeem again?

  13. legsle says:

    I’ve been saving for over 15 years and now you not doing the points system for gifts damg it man..I was looking forward to turning them in some day and getting something cool …Kool aid

  14. CC says:

    I too saved for years, and fought my brother tooth and nail for what to choose from the wacky warehouse. Today, I found a baggie full of these points and wanted to share the joy with my own children, but alas–the wacky warehouse is gone! Thank you for hosting this place where we can relive those days of Kool aid wonder!

  15. Suzanne says:

    We should petition to bring it back…along with the KOOL flavors: Sharkleberry Finn, Purplesaurus Rex, Great Bluedini, Rock-a-dile Red etc. I hate when companies you grow up with and have fond memories of take the fun out of their product experience.

  16. Tony says:

    I just cleaned out a drawer and found thousands of points in baggies along with the order form. Unfortunately the order form states that orders must be received by 12/31/2000. I guess I’m a little late, but the kids are grown now so time to toss them out. Now it’s time for a big, ice cold glass of Kool-Aid.

  17. Anne King says:

    I know this is pretty late for a response to a 2009 post, but I just discovered my pile of 130 Kool-Aid points, and thus discovered this incredibly enjoyable post! Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning my disappointment (can’t get any more neat stuff!) to pure joy (CAN get great info and many laughs!). I hope you get this reply despite the fact that it’s now 2013.
    Very sincerely,

  18. Aunalee says:

    I have just ran across my bag of points and no where to send them to. I grew up on Kool-Aid in the early 60’s and have Kool-Aid stands. Of course there were no points then. Then went I raise my sons in the 80’s and 90’s we had the points and received several items. I remember putting this huge bag of point away hoping to someday have enough for one of the big prizes. Way back when I noticed there were not points on the packages anymore I wondered what I had done with them and finally clearing things out of my grown sons rooms, there they were in a ziplock waiting to have enough for one of the big prizes. What a moment to treasure as I remembered them receiving their other items in the past from the warehouse. What a shame my grandchildren won’t have this special learning of patience with saving and counting the points and keeping track. Thanks for the memories…….

  19. Celeste Christianson says:

    They should bring back the kool aid points that way people would collect and use them including the newer generations.

  20. Liz says:

    Bring it back I need some of this in my life! kids these days don’t know what it’s like to drink 1000 gallons of purplsaurs Rex to get a set of walkie talkies is all about!

  21. Dustin says:

    Kool-Aid (and Kraft Cheese and Macaroni), please bring back the points and rewards! I too grew up collecting points and carefully redeeming them. It would take 6-8 weeks for items to arrive, but this taught me patience, a thing in short supply in today’s instant gratification society. Counting, budgeting, using the mail are other skills reinforced by programs like these. There are so many social benefits, as well as business benefits.

  22. Jewel says:

    Like Anne above, I know this is late for your 2009 points, but I just found a whole container full of 276 Wacky Warehouse Kool-Aid points leftover from when my grown sons were just boys!!! I am bummed out that the program is done. I thought it would be fun to present my grandchild with a gift from the Wacky Warehouse, bought with points his daddy and uncles had saved so many years ago!!!

  23. Betty says:

    I was looking through some old files and found a 276 Kool-Aid points as well as our membership cards. I have a Grandchild now and was curious to see if the points were still good. I was wondering if there was a Kool-Aid store to purchase the Kool items that we used to get when my children were growing up. What a shame that they don’t even have a store anymore to buy their wacky items.

  24. fran short says:

    I also addex up point i got a kool aid holder picturer with mugs. I wisd they do this again i really enjoyed this hey I’m 50 years old still love my kool aid not so much as all these flavors bing it back

  25. Hope says:

    I had fun collecting the points I have a whole bunch of them here but I guess I have to dispose of now that you’re not playing the game anymore but I had got some prizes from the Kool-Aid points and I enjoy playing the game and it brought back memories when I found my container with all my points in it okay I hope I don’t throw them away and then you start the game over but anyway thank you for the time I enjoy playing

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