Mary's 1980 Diary

Click on the image above or click here to read the diary!

In 2008 the Project Absurd team found this diary at an almost-abandoned flea market where everything was for sale at rock-bottom prices. The sale was all you could stuff in a box for $1.00 (and there will be more on that later!), so of course we had to drop the diary in the box! It is filled with teenage angst, 1980s pop culture references, and is just plain fun to read – not to mention a great slice of life from the 1980s. If you click the link above you’ll see I’m transcribing this diary in blog format. I will update the blog each day the diary is updated throughout the next year. So bookmark it! If there are any huge gaps of time without entries I will post here when the entries resume.

I’m not sure how old the author of the diary is – but I would guess around 12 or 13. We have altered the names (leaving out last names, etc.) to protect the innocent. However, the original diarist’s name really was Mary. We figured this is a popular enough name that this diary owner will not be obvious to anyone based on that alone.

Mary, if you are out there and want this blog taken down (and/or want your old diary back!) please let us know through Project Absurd and we will be absolutely willing to accomodate your request. If you think you might know the original owner, please let them know! Our intent is not to ridicule or make fun of the diarist, we simply think this is a great, wonderful read.

Enjoy and click here to read the diary!

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