UFO Abduction – 1989

UFO Abduction was the predecessor to the successful UPN show, Alien Abduction. Click here to see my full review, which also features new comments from the creator of the film, Dean Alioto.


1/25/09 UPDATE: Judging from most of the comments (in this and my Alien Abduction review), no one has even bothered to read my article before they post their reaction to the film. Everyone is just wondering if it’s “real” or “fake”. It’s neither. It’s just a movie, folks! That’s all it was ever intended to be. I thought that my article, plus the fact that the film’s creator added comments to the review, made that point very obvious. I would no sooner call this “real” or “fake” than I would Star Wars or any other science fiction movie. It’s just unnecessary. Now, please click on the link above and read my review of the show – I think you’ll enjoy it – and then leave a comment. Thanks!


9 Responses to UFO Abduction – 1989

  1. matias4315 says:

    Hi I’m Argentine eh been reading your information (Grax for the contribution) but not eh entindido much as they do not speak English very well but I would like to know where I can get the video tape of the alleged real that it is in images if there is a place where you can download please contact me send me a mail moziila is matias4315@hotmail.com



  2. Sylvain says:

    I am so confused i saw that video on tv and i was shocked now i dont know was it real or not? Is the phone numbers at the end of the video starts with 555? if so for sure it’s a scam since 555 numbers are use in movies since they cant tell real numbers.

  3. Me says:

    In January this year the full Alien Abduction (98 version) thing was aired on SBS here in Australia… I know it’s kinda weird but watching it was cool. Was a stormy mega windy night and it really added to the whole feel. Enjoyed the movie but would love to see the real video it was based on. But yeah, if you’re still looking for the full thing try asking SBS or hit your local JB Hi-Fi equivalent, don’t know ABC Store thingy. But, again as Evil Dead 2 proved… sometimes it’s just better to remake something you tried before… Even if George Lucas got it wrong some of em got it right 🙂

  4. Angela says:

    I enjoyed your review of this movie. I can’t find the original version of it anywhere. I know that I saw it around 1992-1994 on tv, probably that show Encounters. It showed the footage, but said that some of the video was too grainy and didn’t show it. The version I saw had the boy that was filming the whole thing go into a bedroom. He turned around towards the door and the alien was there. That part freaked me out (I was around 10-12 when I saw it) and always made me scared of aliens since. Then it shows the kid’s face frozen in terror, and it ends.

    Is there a way I can find that version of this film? Please let me know! Thanks!

  5. Truthisoutthere says:

    Misinformation is being given here, trying to make you think this never really happened. If it never happened why did the feds pull the original real tape from the net nowhere to be found.

  6. colin says:

    Where can i get hold of a dvd copy of UFO abduction 1989 that you review?

  7. kayallllllday says:

    anyone find out where to get a copy of this yet errrr??

  8. kira lawliet says:

    Just wondering…do you know of any possible place to watch the original “UFO Abduction” titled video? You mention in your review that you have acquired the dvd…plus..well, how could you write a review without the movie… haha. Anyway, do you think you could upload it in a torrent if at all possible?

  9. alyn hall says:

    A while back ago I read that you bought a DVD of the original and the remake. could you tell me where you bought it because I have been looking everywhere for it and I cant find it so could you please tell me?

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