None more Project-Absurd-worthy!

Associated Press

New Kids on the Block to Reunite

BOSTON (AP) — They may be pushing 40, but the New Kids are returning to the block. The Boston boy band New Kids on the Block, which sold 70 million albums in the 1980s and early 1990s, has reunited and plans to release a new album and go on tour. The reunion comes 20 years after the release of the group’s multi-platinum album, “Hanging Tough.”

The group released a new photo Wednesday and reportedly will appear on the Today show Friday morning — the same time an unmarked countdown clock on ends.

“The fan response to this has been incredible,” band member Donnie Wahlberg told the Boston Herald.

Wahlberg said he was convinced to get back together with his former bandmates — Joey McIntyre, brothers Jordan and Jonathan Knight and Danny Wood — when they decided to record new music. Wahlberg said he wrote 80 percent of the new material with McIntyre and Jordan Knight.

“I had no interest going out on a nostalgia tour and singing the same material,” said Wahlberg, 38.

But he added, “We absolutely will do the old songs for sure.”

Producer Maurice Starr formed the group in Boston in the 1980s, hoping to recreate the success he had with another teen group from the city, New Edition.

At the height of their popularity, New Kids sold out world tours, marketed millions of dollars in merchandise and spawned a Saturday morning cartoon.

The group disbanded in 1994. Wahlberg has acted on television and in movies, while Jordan Knight, McIntyre and Wood released solo albums. Jonathan Knight became a real estate developer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Back in the day I was a hair-metal addict and hated this group with a depth of intensity that cannot be described with mere words. My best friend and I even wrote a humorous song about the suckitude that sprang forth from this band. In the twenty years that have come since “Hangin’ Tough” I have obviously come to better appreciate the most absurd areas of life. And to that end, there can be no greater absurdity than the once-enormous popularity of this fantasmagorical boy band. You have to admit, there’s a certain genius to their work. I can only hope the killer dance moves are all in place for tomorrow’s Today show appearance!

A refresher (So exciting! I hardly know what to post first!)…

Ok, if held at gunpoint and forced to choose my favorite New Kids song, this would have to be my choice. It must be the groovy bass:

Cover Girl

I still can’t believe they’re all older than me – Joey by only 9 months. I could have sworn back then he was in junior high when I was in 11th grade!

Step By Step

I can’t get over those overalls! LMAO! This next one is notable not only for it being one of the earliest of New Kids videos, but also for the fab parody Weird Al did called “The White Stuff” (referring to Oreo cookies)…

(You Got It) The Right Stuff

“I love the white stuff, baby, in the middle of an Oreo…”

Finally, we have one of the… most Project-Absurd-worthy of all of the New Kids songs and videos…


I hope you enjoyed this trip down Memory Lane. Don’t forget to watch the Today show Friday morning 4/4!


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  1. Ah… I know, I know! They didn’t perform! Hang on… it’s all about May 16th on the Today show now!

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