25 Beautiful New Hairstyles of 1975


This is my first major post of the new year, and, as promised, I bring you the cover story to the April 1975 issue of Goodhousekeeping:

25 Beautiful New Hairstyles of 1975!



3 Responses to 25 Beautiful New Hairstyles of 1975

  1. Hey Kelly! I’m a (Donna) “Pescow-ian”, & I think your right.. But I also see Donna in the 4Th page image, as well as in the 7Th page image.. Great work recognizing!
    Best in Pescow!, FRANKLIN FUENTES 🙂

  2. bluessingerr says:

    Im doin a paper for my class at Aveda Institute in Atlanta, its on Aveda in the 70’s.. pickins is slim.. but I did find YOU. and if I plagarize I hope youll forgive me. YOure so darned cute,and I so dig what youre throwin down.. hheheheh what a great site
    peace and love
    and yeah Im a hippie chick from just those days

  3. Andy See says:

    Hello there, I’m just checking out some other absurd things. It’s funny how styles change so quickly. The most important thing about your hairstyle (or really, any sort of beauty) is how much YOU like it. Not just because “everyone’s doing it”, but because YOU like the way you look.

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