Alien Abduction – Incident In Lake County

Alien Abduction

Watch the McPherson family get abducted in Alien Abduction – Incident In Lake County.

1/25/09 UPDATE: Judging from most of the comments, no one has even bothered to read my article before they post their reaction to the film. Everyone is just wondering if it’s “real” or “fake”. It’s neither. It’s just a movie, folks! That’s all it was ever intended to be. I thought that my article made that point very obvious. I would no sooner call this “real” or “fake” than I would Star Wars or any other science fiction movie. It’s just unnecessary. Now, please click on the link above and read my review of the show – I think you’ll enjoy it – and then leave a comment. Thanks!



73 Responses to Alien Abduction – Incident In Lake County

  1. did this family ever get found and wasitall ahoax or for real, good film though very commical but spooky at the sametimei cant decideif i believe ornot though.

    • Josh says:

      i think i must be thinkin of the wrong video cause on this fox progrem they had like 1 hour dedicated to the video then the next day they had experts scrutinize it, but this one doesn’t even end the same as i remember. No they move upstairs and when the kid goes to the room he sees the alien freezes and the camera is turned off after bein turned around

    • Scott Sinclair says:

      Hi My name is scott and im from the uk. I watched this film and cant decide whether its real or not. I mean the family wasnt heard from again and thats worrying with all the law enforcement agencies they would have been found, Makes u wonder hmmm?

      • Angunnguaq Berthelsen says:

        Hi, Scott. I’ll advice you to wacth the credits when the movie ends:) Please, it will make more since. And if you are talking about the law enforcement agancies? I guest you are talking about the phone number at the end of the movie? Try it, and I believe you’ll call to; Co. Rec. Something EyeCare formerly Frame and Lens:)
        I know you will be disappointed, but it just a movie, and you can know all the science fiction signs, like time loss, implants, lasers or something like that. Just a movie like blair wicth project and paranormal.

    • thr rebel says:

      of course the cam still magically works and flashlights when watches and truck batteries are fried

  2. Dean Alioto says:

    Very amusing article on Alien Abduction: Incident In Lake County. I had as much fun reading it as I did making the actual movie.
    Dean Alioto

    • Dean- I really enjoyed watching your movie. Of course when I watched it I didn’t know going into it that it was a movie but it made it interesting because I kept picking out small things that most people probably wouldn’t notice that made it apparent that it was either a movie or a hoax. It’s unfortunate this wasn’t released into theaters at the time because I think it’s far superior to The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity both in scare quality and acting because it never has any big “wow” moments that make it obvious it’s a movie. It scares you without loud noises and sudden things appearing (except for the scene with Tommy changing his pants in the bedroom). Well done movie I will definitely recommend to sci-fi and found footage horror fans.

  3. Angela M says:

    What ever came of this? Was this just a hoax or the real thing? If it were the real thing were they ever heard from or found? Where can I get a copy of the tape? I had the chance of viewing the tape in 1998 but misplaced it and have been trying to get another copy. This was very interesting, and even a bit scary. I wouldn’t want to be alone in the woods. Help if anyone knows where I can get a copy.

  4. Amanda says:

    My mom has this type recorded from television. I just wanted to read about it. I do believe this is real. Freakin scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what happen to them? -Peace go to Heaven!

  5. Amanda says:

    My mom has this type recorded from television. Seen it. Scared the hell out of me. I think it is real and I’m doing a project on it for my class. I’m planing on showing the video to them. Freakin Scary!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -Peace, go to Heaven.

  6. Tess says:

    I just saw the tape, on the internet. It scared me and I think its real. I wonder if the aliens are going to return the family, probably not. I really am creeped out by Rosie. I mean she was like the alien pawn! She even stole the bullets out of the shot gun. Now if this movie was face I commend whoever made it.

  7. im4gvn says:

    I have to say that I have watched the clip and slow motioned through the static pieces. I saw what seemed to be clips of the aliens holding their trophies as if from a hunt. Try it to see if you see what I saw. Very interesting.

  8. Danny says:

    I have a copy of this tape that my dad recorded when it was on tv in 97 or 98. i have to say that editing a VHS tape 1997 wasnt something everyone could just do. even today its pretty hard. adding the light probe, the lasers, then adding a pretty convincing space craft would have cost a ton of money. so its either real…or someone with money decided to go all out on a hoax.

    personally i think its real..thats just cause i think aliens are real. crazy right???


    is it fake, OR, is it real? id like to know cause its been bothering me since i was 9 years old.

    • rob sweet says:

      I think its real you cant even find the real original full length film anywhere, they just added credits and edited alot to make it seem like it was a film made by a director. this whole page is just disinformation.

  9. Jamie says:

    Heard the hype, watched it. Thought it was rubbish! No way is this real! Based on a few observations i got thinking!! If you really had aliens in your house, I dare say your breathing would be a bit more laboured and would be picked up by the camera mic. Who would remain filming when your so called friends and family were dying around you? How comes the transformer box only sparks when they are filming it, but stops when they move the camera away? How the hell did it take so long to notice the massive smoking spaceship with bright lights in the middle of a dark wood when it is clearly just a few mwtres from them? At one point the older brother re-cocks the pump action shotgun for a second time when it has not been fired and no shell is ejected?. Did he take time whilst under attack to stop and make safe his weapon? Don’t think I would!! And why is the acting just so terrible? Ha Ha! Nice placement of the cockney musician, but who talks like that in real life ? Certainly not any Cockneys I know! Every ‘Experts’ opininon is massively scripted. In short, HOAX!!!

    Oh and the fact that the credits roll at the end and name the crew and actors in the production. That might give it away!

    Sorry to disagree but come on, it just IS NOT REAL!!

  10. Chaz says:

    If you watch the movie to the end in thre credits, the people who played mom, and kurt and matthew are not the real people. For example i dont remember the exact name but it said John smith as Kurt. as the credits role longer it also shows people playing alien 1 alien 2 alien 3. Idk about the credits but other then that the fear they felt seemd pretty legit to me, also what i noticed is in the begining theres a time and date. as the camera rolls on the time and date disappears. Maybe its possible to take the time and date off, but it makes it seem fake.

  11. jonny jam says:

    I saw the original back in the day, and I swore it was different then the one I just watched. The endings were not the same. I’m sure the one that has credits is produced, but the one I saw on the Sightings seemed to be different. If it is a hoax, somebody has a sick sense of humor, and is loser for jiving people up. Anyway on a second thought the government could have gotten someone to say they made it to cover up the ”real” incident. Has anyone seen or heard from the family since? I think the government got to everyone who knew anything about it , and Either did away with them , or got them to admit it was a hoax out of fear.

  12. Ryan from outerspace says:

    I saw this video back when it was on TV. I cant tell if its real or fake i’d really like to know, because i think aliens are real i just dont know about this video! I’ve even seen some things up there that i cant describe someone find out if this is real or fake and let me know!!! or i’ll send the aliens down to get everyone!!!!

  13. geturdun says:

    I remember when this aired on TV it was right after the local news. I remeber the news anchor even saying stay tuned for this real footage of a familys disappearance. and they even said it would be impossible to have the time and stuff go back like it did But then never heard of anything on this again. been trying to find it for years . but ya freaky cheers all

  14. Vercetti says:

    LoL! I had a good time reading this. Good Post! IT was really amusing the way you were saying the story! LOL! ” The Alien was nice enough to turn the camera and film him being frozen” LOL

  15. Gary Black says:

    Good Movie

    For the real thing what the disclosure project on youtube and also The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience.

  16. swan says:

    i dont know if its real or not but we better think again when we see this video, to be real i beleive in it(in abduction) but this is a lot for 1hour or 2h video cam recording, in fact i wanna trust this film witch is in 1997 and not even speilberg could do this at this time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I watched the movie yesterday, creeped the shit out of me. I don´t know what to believe anymore?! What I understand right now is that there is 2 movies about this accident? one of them is real and the otherone is a produced movie?
    Anyways, it´s kind of interesting..Aliens from out of space?! and a nother thing, why is it alwyas in the US? Why not in..let´s say..the UK or Norway?
    So, is it real or fake?

  18. Moe says:

    Is this real? if so holy shit! i saw a fox thing and a ufoologist said that he did a frame by frame and the eye of the alien that the guy carried{youtube-Roswell 2012} was falling back in its head?!

  19. Keiran Smith says:

    I watched this version on the television, couldn’t stop laughing.
    And the boy Tommy covers up pissing himself all night because he goes to his room and swaps trousers at one point when the “alien” appears at his door.

  20. Jerrod says:

    I’m going to go through this fast because I just wrote you and it was discarded. The video you watched wasn’t the full version. It had parts changed, left out, and rearanged. If you don’t beilive me the part where you said matthew was never seen again wasn’t true. After that he is seen throught the video until he goes out himself.If you want to watch the full version go to google and search alien abduction incident at lake county, and you should see a video of an owl that is 92 minutes long at That is the real video so feel free to watch it.

  21. Leon says:

    Wasn’t this version a remake of an original tape? I heard that the original was set at a birthday and not thanksgiving.

  22. rui says:

    Hey, I remember that old version of the film. But I can’t find it online, it’s different, in the end all of the family is shot being abducted in the kitchen and the boy never goes through the room scenario. Which breaks my heart. Do you know (or anyone) about this?

  23. Reda says:

    I saw this tape when they showed it on tv. I even recorded it and can watch it over and over myself. Honestly I want to know was the family ever found. But who’s to say if there is really something out there. Only one person know and we all know “WHO” he is. Yeah, believing is seeing and seeing is believing. But one ? to everyone, if it was you and you got away, would you want someone to believe you. Just like people say they see or hear ghost.

  24. Deb says:

    Hi All, Saw this movie back in the 90’s is scared me. Did have it on tape now I can’t find it.. Does anyone know where you can get a copy from? My mum liked it and would like to get her a copy for her Bday..

    I reckon everything is based on some kind of truth that is how everything starts ..I mean if we are here who is to say other life isn’t around?

    Thats my thoughts

  25. alan priestley says:

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of the movie?

  26. george ormondy says:

    Hi, Well I just watched this yesterday 30/12/2009 and there is a lot that shows indications that its real. A special section where the boys show the craft I noticed that on the side of the craft there is a long leg which is telescopic and the lower half is shiny steel rod which can telescope up into the top bit/ now the width of this steel tube is really thick and if this were a hoax NO WAY WOULD THEY SPEND SO MUCH MONEY FOR JUST THE SHIP AND THERE IS AT LEAST TWO OTHER TELESCOPIC LEGS ALSO THE TYPE OF SHIP IS UNUSUAL WHY NOT A SCAUCER WHICH IS MORE READILY KNOWN
    AND LOOK AT THE WINDOW COVERS REALY THICK NO WAY IS THIS A MOCKUP PROP.Its things like this that help to i.d how authentic the film is.

    please contact me on

    kind regards
    george ormondy

  27. megan says:

    was thay ever found , i think that little girl got persest by the aliens she was acting the calmest out of them all and seemed to now every thing what was happerning , i hope there all okay x

  28. george ormondy says:

    Anyone please advise if you have knowledge of the family turning up???????

    MY em/

  29. Akil says:

    guys thts not the real deal just a mere wat ud call it re-enactment the real 1 is no where to be found in the web im so pissed off pfffff the government hides everything… maybe there guilty b/c the sold humanity well.. if u found tht intresting u guys should definatley read lacerta files 1 and 2

  30. The Governor General says:

    I saw the original “real” version of this back in 1993. It has on this video 1997.
    This one is different:
    a)the color is more intense than the actual footage back in 1993
    b)the camera is more steady than the one in 1993
    c)The room at the end is bigger and has a lot more furniture than the 1993 one
    d)in the one from 1993 the camera gets turned onto the boy who is frozen still.
    I’ll be back with the original video when/if I find it.

  31. Rocove says:

    I would like to get that video because i saw it some years ago, and it is amazing,how much does it cost ?, please reply to me

  32. The Governor General says:

    I still have not found it. The guy who made the copycat versions said the original was burned in a warehouse fire but the fact that I saw it on tv outside of the U.S would make it impossible for all the copies to have been destroyed in a fire, how would all the copies be in the same place at the same time if they have been spread around the worlds media companies.

  33. James says:

    I read your review. I saw the one that aired March or April of 1998. Since all the copys have been taken up by the gov. or who ever I still think what I saw was real and will think so until I see it again. Which I don’t think is possible. If it’s just a movie why are all copys removed??????

  34. TheOni says:

    It’s really annoying that people always reference this shitty made-for-tv movie when talking about the McPhersons.

    There was an actual video that surfaced in the early 90s that seemed very legitimate and just as soon as it became public it vanished. I actually remember watching it when I was little, but since that time I have never found the full thing. If you watch that Japanese thing with the people laughing as the people on video cuss; that is from the Original but again, not the full thing. If you have info about the original I would very much like to view it again.

    Again, this article shows pictures from the fake version. HAM, you need to brush-up on your paranormal knowledge and poke around about this.

    • Hello “TheOni”. If you actually clicked on the link above and read my article, you’d see that I not only have brushed up on this topic – I flossed, rinsed, and went to the dentist for a cleaning. In the article a link is given to my review of the “original” video, called “UFO Abduction”. I have one of only a handful of these videos that have been released, and I got it from the creator of both of the films, Dean Alioto. Dean also left his comments on my review. If you can’t be bothered to find it, here is the link to the review – . This film was made in 1989 and was never widely released. As far as I’ve been able to find, mine is the only full review of this film on the internet. Both this film, and the one aired on UPN called “Alien Abduction” are just works of fiction (or “fake”, as some people like to say). There is no other “McPherson Tape”. Just these two films.

      So, TheOni, perhaps you are the one who should purchase a paranormal toothbrush and get to scrubbing! 😉


    • The Governor General says:

      It is very annoying. I’m back again still trying to find that original “real” video (which did exist) I hope someone recorded from the television. I’ll report back here if I find it The Oni.

  35. Law says:

    What I’m pissed off the most is we will never find anything credible enough of existence of aliens since there is too many wannabes that make up all this fake shit, either from movies to UFO props, government secret projects etc. Until this is all stopped is when we will have filtered through all this fake stuff and really focus on the actual unexplanded and credible evidence.

  36. amal says:

    that’s are true?

  37. joe says:

    this is a 100% fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the little girl gave it away. she wasnt scared. shes probably like 6 years old and not scared. when i was 6 i would be flipping out out and running like no tommmorow. NICE TRY but this was a good fake.

    • george ormondy says:

      if this is fake take a look at the spaceship it would cost a bomb to put together it is much too detailed and the crome/stainless steel legs you could not pay for and the details at the rear of the craft if hoax would not have to go to the trouble to create them. HAVE A CLOSE LOOK AT THE CRAFT.

  38. Tara Quilton says:

    This freakedd me out, i want themm to be foundd andd to be sentt homee. I dontt thinkk itss a fakee cozz theyy haventt beenn seenn sincee andd mostt off themm will bee deadd cozz rosiee wouldd bee 20 noww :L

    Rosiee wass prosessedd meaningg itt wass likee shee wass onee of themm, andd at thee endd whenn shess goingg withh thee alienss, thee alienn touchess herr backk too helpp herr alongg andd shee lookss upp likee shess seenn itt beforee. Shess soo calmm cozz shee iss prosessedd.
    Whenn Tommyy wentt intoo thee Bathroomm, i reaallyy thoughtt onee wass goingg too bee behindd thee curtainn. andd whenn rosiee is ment to be att thee toilett andd theree lookingg outt thee windoww, youu cann see rosieess reflectionn inn thee mirrorr justt standingg inn thee bathroomm, doingg nothingg.

    i wantt themm too bee foundd, andd thiss iss freakyy butt myy brotherr saidd he’dd bee buzzinn’ iff thiss happenedd too him… hess strangee.
    BTW imm 12 andd i amm gonaaa keepp whatchingg itt untill i cann findd somethingg to findd themm, please if you find anyy informationn call mee on 07761982347 but i will not answer to any “unknown” numbers, yess imm talkingg too thee peoplee thatt aree thinkigg “PRANKK CALL!!” Thankyouu lotss 🙂
    Tara Quiltonn, Manchester, englandd, age 12 xxx

  39. Rick says:

    Let’s try to set the record straight shall we? THIS particular recording is a remake of an actual case!! The Mcpherson family have never been heard from again. THESE people are actors…and do not give the real incident credit. AGAIN…this is a remake of an actual event and there is REAL footage. It was a birthday party and not Thanksgiving. The real footage is available in only a clip.

  40. Tonya says:

    I know that what I remember watching it as well, but I seen it on ABC network around 1993. I feel that it was not a hoax, no ona could plan that out and make it look so real that the poor boy that peed all over himself was so upset and frightened you can not make that up. I am glad that I’m not the only one that remembers that program. If you agree with me please email me.

  41. Tonya says:

    I know that what I remember watching it as well, but I seen it on ABC network around 1993. I feel that it was not a hoax, no one could plan that out and make it look so real that the poor boy that peed all over himself was so upset and frightened you can not make that up. I am glad that I’m not the only one that remembers that program. If you agree with me please email me.

  42. ًlaila says:

    You’re not telling the story in the right order When Tommy sees the alien in his room that’s when he went to change his pants after he peed on himself and we do see mathew again who goes out to get his car after Kurt and Brian never got back but he never comes back either 🙂

  43. ًlaila says:

    And do we ever know who rosie’s parents really are? Linda? Curt? Why not the aliens put het their the first time they abducted the family? I am just wondering 🙂

  44. Benny says:

    yea i remember wathching this video too it was not fake that was the most realest video i have ever seen the technology back then was not enough to make that laser i saw that one on this video is like totally not the same i was scared for like a week so no sir this really did happen and apparently that video no longer exist.

  45. Eddie says:

    Does anyone have the version that ends with the boy feezing in the bathroom?

  46. Aqua says:

    you wrote and told it in the wrong orde rTommy made that clip of himselfnear the ending and he pi**ed himselfabout 40 mins into it!!

  47. Lisa Macintyre says:

    i do believe that we r not alone, there is something out there, but this LMAO!!!!!!!! its not real. like u said just another case of “the blare witch” it seem to acted out and no feelings with in the family. i would think that the family would be more scared, i wouldnt let any of my family out of my eyesite, brother or not. and the “red light” that hits the girl and than dies? well that just look like a red flash light moving around on the walls. i did watch the video like 24 times and “the other tape” that japan put out there, i just feel that ppl do this just to get on t.v. so they can be fam, all i know its not real….thats only in my opinon.

  48. headless horseman says:

    Oh man thanks so much for posting this review. I remember watching this when I was pretty young on tv sometime in the 90’s I remember it was advertised as being real. It scared the crap out of me back then. I wanted to try an find it again online or somewhere but didn’t rememeber the name. I just remember it was thanksgiving time and they lived on a farm, and the alien shined that red laser and the battery of the truck was melted. Luckily I now have the name. Now hopefully I can find it somewhere online. I forgot about him peeing his pants lol. I don’t see how I could forget that part.

  49. renee says:

    i belive this is real i watchd the video twice how can i help find them

  50. Oh yeah people it’s real alright. A real well done low budget film from 1998. Seriously people if you’re going to go all in on something like this and state the many reasons you think it’s real the least you could do is check the obvious sources. I mean the fact that the camera and flashlights never stopped working even after the watches stopped. Or the fact that if it was real the mother was the dumbest person ever and a horrible parent……notice she never stops drinking even when her son comes back with a bloody burnt hand screaming about aliens, or when that son’s girlfriend is having a seizure, and she keeps coming up with excuses for everything her sons tell her is happening such as “squirrels on the roof” even after the power outage, bloody hand, etc. Then there’s the fact that every time there’s a knock on the door or something instead of just looking out the windows they have to open the doors as if they can’t see out the windows. Yes I still believe this movie was very well done and even the acting was decent and believable aside from the mother and if this movie were made today the same exact way with slight tweaks to the technology or if it had gotten a theatrical release at the time and was advertised as a found footage film, it would put both Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity to shame and the people involved particularly the girl who played Rosie would instantly get other movie deals.

    • george ormondy says:

      MR BRUNT


    • rob sweet says:

      Believe what you wont but honestly if you have to try and degrade the believes then i think you have doubts as to what you yourself believe, IMO its real and most of what is out there is just disinformation.

  51. Kary Silva says:


    • george ormondy says:

      it is real just look at the end where one of the ets notices the video camera on the table laying on its side and running he doese something immediatly and the video goese off.
      IF THIS WAS A FAKE VIDEO THERE WOULD BE NO NEED TO DO THIS LAST MOVEMENT/ such a small thing proves the video is real have a good look at the last sceen.
      george ormondy

  52. DMAN says:

    The Governer General is right! This has pissed me off for years. Everywhere I have searched I can only find the ‘alternative’ ending version. (Aliens in the dining room) This ending is tame compared to the paraletic ‘original’ ending.

    In the following link you will see the ending that we refer to as the ‘original’ version (screen shots only). Although the camcorder footage says 11/27/97 I always thought I saw this years before then as well. Any how for the sake of the Governer General and all others that remember the far better finale, you’ll find the photo’s below a nice reminder.

  53. spike says:

    first of all-the characters in any photo i’ve seen on this site, is not the McPherson’s-not one of them. secondly the original posting has the local sheriff confirming they r still missing-and the story is true that a video tape was the only evidence of any kind of foul play. thirdly they were not gathered for thanksgiving, it was a birthday party for the daughter of one of the brothers. get your facts right before putting so much effort into something like this webpage. SPIKE

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