Crayola Fun Factory Museum


More from Project Absurd’s Summer 2008 trip to the Poconos! Come with us and check out the Crayola Fun Factory Museum!


5 Responses to Crayola Fun Factory Museum

  1. Jane Hyde says:

    Oh, I totally love it. I was there a cxuple of weeks ago and feel you have Done It Justice. The only thing I’ll add is that, because we wanted to drive over the beautiful suspension bridge into New jersey we made a great discovery. Just over the bridge is a gas station and an enormous parking lot that also hosts a great hispanic taco stand and a canoe and kakyak rental. You can walk down to the Delaware River and swim or throw rocks in itand then you can leave your car in the parking lot and WALK over to Easton, a short walk that takes you by a liquor store and a Dunkin’ Donuts, among other things. The bridge has sidewalks on both sides, and a very nice crossing guard silently emerges from a little house to stop traffic and help you across the street.

  2. Cool! Thanks for the coment and the tip! :o)


  3. O Cordero says:

    “We defy you to find another place where children are allowed to run amok with such little supervision.”

    Try ANY child’s birthday party! As new parents, my wife and I have discovered that parents don’t parent when there are other parents around! For our Daughter’s first birthday party, parents thought it was a free-for-all! NON-DISCIPLINE is an understatement… if the kid isn’t bleeding the parent will forget they exist. Apparently there is something about when other children and parents are around that numb a parent’s ability to supervise their children. As new parents, we’ve noticed this at parties we’ve given, parties we’ve been invited to and outings to playgrounds.

  4. Grace C says:

    I don’t think I have ever been as entertained by a blog as I have been by yours. You guys are simply amazing! And I totally agree with you on “Generation Non-Discipline”. I was just complaining about that at Wal-Mart the other day! The kids AND the parents kept walking in front of me, coming to stand right where I was trying to look, etc…I was just dying to tell one of the mothers that if she didn’t want to punish her children then would it be okay if I did?

    Anyway, thank you for writing such fantastic posts on all of these places you visit. You guys totally rock!

  5. Thank you for the kind words! It means a lot to us!

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