Old Cookbooks



Cleaning out Grandma’s house just got interesting! See what we found in these crazy old cookbooks!




8 Responses to Old Cookbooks

  1. scooter says:

    OMG that is AWESOME! The Asparagus one and the beet salads look equally foul. Wow, beets, gelatine AND horseradish? My mind is boggled.

    I have a collection of ancient cookbooks, including such gems as “Dishes Men Like” (put out by Lea and Perrin’s– apparently men don’t like food unless Worcestershire sauce is involved), “Happiness is Nutritious Treats With Granola” (my mom actually forced snacks from this book down our throats) and “250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts” (who knew you could make prune ice cream at home?), and of course all the books where I got the inspiration for my Ambrosia Salad Website.

  2. “Dishes Men Like” sounds like it’s probably hilarious! And I believe it that your Mom fed you from the granola book – that sounds like her.

    Thanx for reading and thanx for enjoying!

  3. books says:

    Did you tried them ?

  4. Susan Baptista says:

    Adeline Gayoski was my grandmother. She lived in Rochester, Massachusetts. If there’s a possibility that this cookbook still is available, I would love to get a copy. She died quite some time ago.

    Thank you.

  5. Sue Mosher says:

    The Evil-looking Santa is going to set the Christmas tree on fire. Maybe he is going beserk from his cranberry diet?

  6. Angela says:

    I came across this while looking for Christmas headers. You are hilarious! I read the whole thing. Funny how they thought those recipies would taste good. My goodness…YUK! Thanks for the laughs!!


  7. Thank you, Angela! And (two years later) – no, “books”, we did not try them. We value our digestive system.

  8. smnoel says:

    Came across your blog searching old cookbooks. Love that there’s an entire cookbook dedicated to cranberry dishes. I love seeing illustrations in old cookbooks.

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