Great American Antiquefest


Wanna see what we found at the Great American Antiquefest in Liverpool, NY? Click the link!


3 Responses to Great American Antiquefest

  1. Steve Allman says:

    Great coverage fro the show- we are the new owners, hope you come in 08.

  2. Diana Sholl says:

    Jumbo the bubble blowing elephant was a superb 1950’s toy. I absolutely loved it. It worked a treat even if water and metal do not mix! Best toy I ever had.

  3. Grace C says:

    I cannot believe that you have found two vintage Mr. Potato Head items and I have yet to see any in Missouri. I would kill to have that vintage Mr. Potato Head and the massager from one of your other trips. I also see in the corner of the photo, the front drawer of a vintage Fisher Price cash register. Another item I’ve been looking for. Do you happen to remember how much the potato head was?

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