Back Of The Barn Antiques


On our way to Enchanted Forest we stopped at Back Of The Barn Antiques in Remsen, NY. Come see what we found!



2 Responses to Back Of The Barn Antiques

  1. susan secor says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed our lttle antique shop in Remsen. The wooden man is named Junior and has friends from miles around that toot and wave at him as they go by. Not a tribute to the handicapped but he is a heavy, hand carved by John Secor in 1992 wooden man. The cart provides him a way to sit by the road and wave to people. Our prices may seem high to the un -advanced collector, bgut our many price guides keep us in the range of what they say things are worth. Even a couch cushion could be made into a lovely chic dog bed with some doggy material and a little immagination! Thanks for the free advertising.! Stop again and we can talk.

  2. You’re welcome (for the free advertising), and thanks for explaining the background of the wooden man out front of your store – very interesting!

    Project Absurd Team

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