Choice – The Big Payback

Choice - The Big Payback

Check out one of my favorite rap albums, Choice – The Big Payback.


16 Responses to Choice – The Big Payback

  1. scooter says:

    uh, who the H E double hockey sticks is Paul?

  2. I have no idea who Paul is. He must be someone who stalls often while “kickin’ b*tches around like soccer balls”.

  3. PINK says:

    Well I like her…I was really young when I heard her music…that was long ago! I am a fan and I listen to all types of music….but to each its own! Big ups to Choice!

  4. sugarwalls says:

    i love choice, the best female rapper ever ive been lookin 4 her cd 4 about 3 years now i must drop that 100 dollars and get it

  5. J. P. says:

    Most rappers don’t ryme. Only a few rappers like 2pac and a few others ryme and stick to the subject. But that don’t make them bad. So quit hatint!!!!

  6. Haha! J.P. rules! Most rappers don’t rhyme (or “ryme”). Good one! I’m really hoping you’re just joking because I can’t believe that someone would seriously make that statement.

  7. brandy says:

    I dont know what the hell ya’ll r talken about but CHOICE back in the days I thought you were the shit. To me whos life was rap and i knew everything there was to know I knew you. I bought your shit and still to this day look for your orinigal raps on cd and cant find. I think your the pioneer of dirty rap when it comes to tha womans side of thangs! Alot of people dont know you but I do and you go girl. Buck these haters.

  8. A Voice 4 Choice says:

    Choice is the very reason you can have Lil’Kim and the pussycats dolls as your screensaver!!! Or whoever you like. Furthermore, someone had to pave the way, especially in that era when it was so dominated by highly-sexed, egotistical men or just people in general (like whoever made this page) who were NOT pioneers or trend setters. Choice was my choice then, and is my choice NOW!!! biggups choice!!!!!

  9. alicia nabb says:

    my ma love’s this lady i grew up listening to choice,
    i wish she came back and shut all them hoe’s down

  10. DJ Ollie HO! says:

    What ever happened to? Any new material forcoming by ‘Choice’…. Have bought her material in the past, waiting for nu-stuff…
    C H O I C E !!!

  11. misty d says:

    why did u stop rap? i like it i had the tape i lost it i going out buy the cd soon girl

  12. Sully says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the compilation tape that was our around 91 I think it was called Drity Rap?
    artist on it were: Choice-the payback-/2 live-me so horny/nwa-bitch is a bitch and a few others I am trying to think about. Would love to have those tunes again, tons and tons of memories!!!


  13. Skyler Adams says:

    Man, you can’t rhyme on every line when you rap. I mean only four year olds think that poetry has to go one rhyme after another. Kind of a low blow, and you even misquote. I’ts not a date with aunt esther it’s a motherfuckin date with aunt esther.I have to say, I think Choice’s rhymes in “payback” are some of the coolest i’ve ever fuckin heard.

  14. Laney says:

    I sure would love to have her CD, It makes me laugh, and that’s a good thing.

  15. Bass Mechanic says:

    I bought her tape. It’s dope. She is one of my top five favorite female rappers. I don’t know if she did all of the writing but I can believe she did based on the content. If she did write them all, then she is my favorite female rapper. Her rap skills are at master levels and her subject matter can’t get any more real. But her’s is not for women who don’t know what it is to be a woman nor for a man who would rather be a woman. It’s simple, plain, intelligent, witty, down to earth and natural, emphasis on natural. Along with her, my other favorite female rappers are Isis, Mia X and Eve. Isis is intensely poetical. You have to be very bright to understand it all and she delivers it swiftly. Mia X is a master level rapper with mostly “money is the answer to everything” theme’s, but her “My Daddy” will bring tears to your eyes I guarantee you. Eve is very lyrical. She doesn’t rap only a few words with a bunch of hooks, she fills out a song and her versatility of musical style is wonderful. Listen to “Who’s That Girl” for an example.

  16. knowname says:

    Do anybody know where I can view Choice’s Payback video from 1990 if anyone knows visit my YouTube channel “Hiphopfiyah” and leave the details

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