My Notebook From 1985

I have unearthed one of my notebooks from 1985, when I was 11 or 12 and in 6th or 7th grade. Come read about by unabashed love for Duran Duran, Miami Vice and Top 40 lists!



4 Responses to My Notebook From 1985

  1. scooter says:

    HAHAH ! Holy crap. Where to begin?

    1. You bought the Wrestling Album! HA! I remember that Land oif 1,000 Dances song…

    2. Sadly enough, Andy Taylor (the one I always liked best)’s birthday was the only one that I couldn’t think of off the top of my head. Now that I just read what it was, I can lose another vital piece of information from my brain (like my phone # or the location of my housekeys) in order to retain it.

    3. I think that first top 40 was actually one we made up, not an “official” one. I only think that due to the high volume of songs from my 45 record collection (i.e., Weird Al and Billy Crystal). Also, “Heartbeat” was the b-side to “Freedom”– it wasn’t released here, but I liked it better than the A-side. God I’m a nerd. I need to stop this now.

    4. I still have all my Siberians! I was actually going to take a picture of them and explain their names and crap on my blog last week, but I didn’t want people to thnk I was TOO insane. Maybe now I’ll reconsider. Does Francesco still stink? He was my favorite of yours. And, ironically, Jarvis is one of my favorite names now (I nixed it off your list)!

    5. Also– I still have 2 rainbow KELLY stickers that I traded you back then– they’re in my sticker book somewhere. The onther one is big and purple and has rainbow colored pointy things coming off it at the top.

    Damn. I’m going to have to dig up some of my crap from those days. I think it’s all at my mom’s house.

  2. I was actually wondering about that Top 40 list as a) I looked online and found the list for that week and it was nothing like this list and b) I thought that about “Heartbeat” as well. I guess I just couldn’t imagine that I/we would make “It’s A Lonely Old Night” the #1 song! WTF?

    I still have pretty much all of the sibereans, too. I know they’re here somewhere. A lot of them fell from where I stuck them on the ceiling (the “meeting” LMAO) but their feet remained up there! I finally had to tear them down when my sister wanted that bedroom. Francesco is kicking and I don’t think he smells anymore. He was rad. If I can find them I will make a post about it if you do! :o)

    I do remember the other Kelly sticker. My sticker albums are around here somewhere and I do plan on posting something about them whenever I find them and get around to it.

    I love this era. The music was incredible and I’d give anything to go back to such an innocent time. Junior high was a nightmare, really though. I just want the pop culture back!

    Thanks for checking in!


  3. K.K. Mann says:

    Let me just start by saying I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I think you’re awesome! Some wacky Google search of mine a few weeks ago randomly (or so it seemed… maybe it was fate) brought up a link to the Project Absurd site, and it has given me HOURS of enjoyment and entertainment. The Notebook from 1985 might just be one of my favorite things EVER. We must be about the same age because that notebook just narrated a whole year of my life in junior high. Duran Duran FOREVER!!! ❤ Miami Vice! Power Station was my first concert ever. Wham! The "Do They Know It's Christmas?" song! Those things were my life back then. I'm a hoarder/pack rat and still have every single record and Bop! magazine from that era. It takes up about 3 big boxes in my garage. My husband is not amused, but I'm convinced I'll be able to sell it when I retire and it'll make me a hundred-aire. 🙂 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that cool people are still reading and being entertained by a web page you created at least 8 years ago. Thank you for sharing!

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