The Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame


Project Absurd dances into Ohio with our review of our visit (3-and-a-half years ago) to the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame in Euclid, OH.

Rock. On.

Kelly and Ham


15 Responses to The Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame

  1. John says:

    I’m opening the “Icons of Syracuse-style metal”Hall of Fame.It’s going to be all about me-me-me.Ohhhhh,I love me,I love me,I’m crazy about myself(oh,sorry)….What’s the difference between,Cleveland-style polka and say,Atlanta-style polka?There has got to be a polish joke in here somewhere.

  2. Wayne Golob says:

    The joke is on you. “Cleveland-Style” derived from Slovenian folk music, NOT Polish music. The American varieties of Polish folk music are Chicago Style and Eastern (as in New England) Style. Then there’s German polka music and it’s American varieties known as “Dutchman Style” and “Dutch Hop”, Swiss polka music, Scandinavian polkas music, Czech polka music, and then there’s Tex-Mex which is a hybrid of German and Hispanic music. Silly boy – there is no “Atlanta-style” of American polkas. See? Now you’re enlightened. Go listen to some death metal or rap.

  3. Wayne Golob says:

    Pictures of OLD guys? Gee, they all look like they’re in their 20s or 30s….maybe because they were IN their 20s and 30s when these photos were taken? What – you think people listened to rap music back in the 1940s? Oh, I get it…anything old is bad, anything new is good. Then I would suggest not visiting the Rock Hall of Fame. Lots of old dead people there, too…Elvis, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin….’course, lots of the rock stars never MADE it to old age. Just so you’re enlightened, there is also an International Polka Hall of Fame in Chicago, which focuses primarily on Polish-American music. Hence the need for a Cleveland-Style (that’s American Slovenian music BTW) Hall of Fame. There. Go back to your video games and pacifiers.

  4. Haha! An angry Polka person! Love it!

  5. Wayne Golob says:

    Zdaj veš razlika med slovenski in poljski glasbe, ja? What, you don’t know Slovenian? Pity…

  6. Wayne Golob says:

    Seriously, in this day of multi-culturalism and diversity, it is most edifying to read an ethnic slur such as yours. And, to think this sort of thing went out 30 years ago. Certainly put us dumb hunkys and polaks in our place! I can’t wait for your reviews on the Cajun Music Hall of Fame in Eunice, LA, or the Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame in San Benito, TX. I’m certain they will be as equally insulting to the Cajuns and Hispanics. Bravo!

    • Where do you see ethnic slurs? There certainly weren’t any in our article. I think you need to lighten up a bit and get a sense of humor. The article was taking a bit of a laugh at the Hall Of Fame, because it was a silly little place. Nobody made fun of “hunkys and polaks”. I’m not even sure what those are, actually. Is a “hunky” a very handsome person?

  7. Wayne Golob says:

    I have a terrific sense of humor, thank you. And, you seriously don’t see that slamming the music culture of an ethnic group is a slur? Well then, have at it with the other groups I mentioned, or any others. Try blasting African-American music culture….I’d love to see the reaction you get to THAT! You REALLY have never heard the term “hunky” and “polak”? OK, listen, I will explain s-l-o-w-l-y – “hunky” is a derogatory term for Hungarians or any other Eastern Europeans. “Polak” (I just CAN’T believe you don’t know that one) is a slur for Polish folk. And I have BEEN to the Hall of Fame, and it’s NOT a “silly little place”. IT CELEBRATES OUR FOLK MUSIC CULTURE. Sorry our people don’t have the millions that built the Rock Hall…we’re just working class folk for the most part, you see. Now, I’d call this website a “silly little place”….

    • You really need to read the article again. I described the museum and made some funny comments about some of the things in the museum. I did not “slam the music culture of an ethnic group”. It was actually a positive review of the place. Here are some quotes from the page:
      – “Here are photos of the lovely items we purchased though – a shirt, a mug and a refrigerator magnet. I love the phrase “Happiness is dancing to Polka Music”. I wish they had a shirt with that mantra on it.”
      – “If you ever find yourself in Euclid please visit the NC-SPHOF.”
      How horrible of me, right?

      I actually did a much more negative review of a rap CD by an artist named “Choice” – . So, there goes your theory that I’m some young wipper-snapper who only cares about new music and would never make fun of rap.

      I was joking about the “hunky” and “polak” terms. You obviously don’t understand sarcasm, which also explains why you thought the article was so insulting. By the way, I am part Polish. My great-grandparents were born in Poland. I grew up with a lot of Polish customs and ate a lot of Polish food. So, you really have no idea what you’re talking about and should probably stay off the internet before you embarrass yourself any further.

  8. Erik Kolm says:

    I’m proud to be a Polka-Holic! Not only do I idolize those “old guys”, and listen to their music everyday of my life, I consider many of them to be my friends.

  9. S M says:

    Well, as a Black woman who likes polka music, I’m definitely what one would call an anomaly (less kind might say weirdo), but then Cleveland is my hometown and we Clevelanders tend to be very loyal about the things of our city, even our losing sports teams! I’d love to visit the Polka Hall if ever I return. Each to their own, I say.

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