Plank Road Village

January 21, 2007

Plank Road Village

The Plank Road Village in North Syracuse, NY celebrates wooden planks and daft trolleys.


Peanut World – Atlantic City, NJ

January 10, 2007


Come meet Robert, our friend we met at Peanut World – a souvenir shop on the boardwalk in Atlantic City!


The Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame

January 9, 2007


Project Absurd dances into Ohio with our review of our visit (3-and-a-half years ago) to the Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame in Euclid, OH.

Rock. On.

Kelly and Ham

Wendy’s Restaurants

January 1, 2007


Part 1: Why do Wendy’s burgers always look like hell when you get them?

This will probably be a running commentary of the stupidity we encounter at Wendy’s restaurants across the area. If we keep going there. It’s not like we go there a lot. Thank god.