Best Coloring Book Ever


We were at the local Dollar Tree last month when I found this, The Best Coloring Book Ever. It’s one of those jumbo huge ones, too. I’m still kicking myself for not buying it. What was I thinking? It was only a dollar!

I mean, just look at Bert: wooden mixing spoons for ears, chili pepper nose, and a paint brush protruding inexplicably from the top of his head. There just aren’t words for how awesome this is.

On the way to the store that day we saw this anomaly while sitting at a red light:


It had been a little windy, but that doesn’t really explain the magnitude of tangle up in that tree. I would have loved to have seen that happen! Must have been stunning!


One Response to Best Coloring Book Ever

  1. John says:

    $6.64 for anifauqa?What country am I in?Pig-Latin America?That’s no deal in any country.The marketing-department must have been going for the thirsty bird-watching demografic(sp?).

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