Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay, NY)


If you check out our latest post regarding Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY, you’ll understand why this picture just about says it all…



3 Responses to Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay, NY)

  1. John says:

    The story of Boldt Castle is beautiful and heartbreaking.I haven’t been there in a while,and you know I ain’t no geneyous,but,wouldn’t $100 worth of paint at least be a good start?If I was Mr.Boldt,I would haunt those who defaces the tribute to the love of my life….I’d show them defacers.

  2. Jim says:

    My wife and I went there in the ’90s, and she was left with the same feelings you were and which I now appreciate after all this time. Back then, all I could think was how the fabulously wealthy will take a natural creation like an island and re-form it to their own vanity (Boldt’s family symbol was a hart, not a heart, but he reshaped the island like a heart because I guess it’s easier than trying to make it look like a deer), start this massive project, and then when things go wrong, just blow it off and say, “I don’t want that anymore,” and leave the mess.
    It is a very romantic story, though, I admit.
    Look up the Barber Mansion in Barberton, Ohio – it actually got built, but got torn down when the city failed to take possession. The site is now home to a Giant Eagle, Chinese restaurant, payday loan store, and a failed CeCe’s Pizza.

  3. Thank you both for reading the post. And Jim, thanks for the tip!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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