Backstage with KISS in 1988


Read about my experience Backstage With KISS In 1988, written when I was 15 years old. This review is taken directly from my old journal, and I’ve included new comments making fun of my young self. Also included are photos from the event.


One Response to Backstage with KISS in 1988

  1. Jeff Blandino says:

    Dude, I gotta say, you kept a pretty good journal as far as the night went. But as I recall, you left out one important quote of the evening that could have just screwed us the whole night….. I beleive, (and I’ve been known to be wrong), but didn’t we hafta stop at B.K. because Tina was “hungry for a cheeseburger and fries?” And you were definitely right about the “up yours fatty!!!” Still hve my autugraphed Asylum albub (get the joke) and the unused backstage pass with the Power (japan) logo on it stating Utica… Great night tho….we ended up 3rd row almost in the middle…. talk to ya later…Lovin’ the memories man, just keep ’em comin…

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