Target Dollar Bins Part 1: Fake Food

December 22, 2006


Part 1 of what I hope will become a series dedicated to the Dollar Bins at my favorite department store: Target. In this chapter come find out what the heck kind of cereal this is supposed to be! Hint: it’s a Kellogg’s one! Also covered: Dairy Queen!


KISS In Attack Of The Phantoms

December 19, 2006


KISS In Attack Of The Phantoms (the European version of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park) is a delightfully daft movie that I just had to review.



Signs Of The Absurd

December 19, 2006


I’d like to introduce a new ongoing column on Project Absurd. People are daft – and the signs of this abound. Literally! If a sign isn’t made for the daft…it’s made by the daft! With that in mind, we bring you Signs Of The Absurd. This is where we will collect all of our photos of daft signage that doesn’t go along with any of our other posts. When it’s updated again, we’ll post it right here in this blog to let you know!


Reindeer in Boonville

December 13, 2006

Boonville Reindeer

In the middle of a land island between two roads in Boonville, NY stands a Christmas display. This display consists of a couple lights and two live reindeer locked in a red cage. It was strange to see two live animals locked in a small cage in the middle of winter while cars were driving by on both sides of them. I felt sorry for these guys. Being locked outside in a cage is bad enough, but to top it all off they have to be stuck in Boonville. I talked to this guy in the picture for a little while, and he actually seemed to be listening. I tried to make him feel better by telling him that Santa would come and rescue him from the Boonville Grinch soon. I wonder what’s next for Boonville? Are they going to capture two elves and put them in the cage as well?


Best Coloring Book Ever

December 13, 2006


We were at the local Dollar Tree last month when I found this, The Best Coloring Book Ever. It’s one of those jumbo huge ones, too. I’m still kicking myself for not buying it. What was I thinking? It was only a dollar!

I mean, just look at Bert: wooden mixing spoons for ears, chili pepper nose, and a paint brush protruding inexplicably from the top of his head. There just aren’t words for how awesome this is.

On the way to the store that day we saw this anomaly while sitting at a red light:


It had been a little windy, but that doesn’t really explain the magnitude of tangle up in that tree. I would have loved to have seen that happen! Must have been stunning!


Boldt Castle (Alexandria Bay, NY)

December 12, 2006


If you check out our latest post regarding Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay, NY, you’ll understand why this picture just about says it all…


Aqua Zoo – Alexandria Bay, NY

December 10, 2006


In July of 2005 Ham and I visited The Aqua Zoo in Alexandria Bay, NY. Come check out the daftness of this little Thousand Islands gem!