Jreck Subs Mascot

Jreck Subs Mascot

I took this picture in May 2006 of what is apparently the Jreck Subs mascot. I’m not sure what his name is, but I’m going to call him “Cap’n Jreck”. I’ve only seen Cap’n Jreck at this one Jreck Subs ever, and I’ve been to a lot of them. He seemed to be made of wood and painted using some sort of “Paint-By-Numbers” set. I really enjoyed the feather in his cap (named Macaroni?), his obscenely large mustache, and his little parrot friend sitting on his boot. I also felt a little sorry for him because it appears that one of his pirate enemies has taken an axe to his face and torso (I’m not sure if his right hand has been cut off, maybe he’s just sticking it inside his jacket). Even with his injuries he still stands in front of Jreck Subs, greeting every customer that comes in. Now if he could only get the employees to put some sort of sign in the window so potential customers wouldn’t be reminded of what other fast food chain is right across the street….

November 26, 2006

One Response to Jreck Subs Mascot

  1. jreck franchsee says:

    his name is admiral jreck – he was a gift to the franchisee that opened this particular store and I believe his wounds are from being stolen and treated poorly then he was either found in a bush or returned I cannot remember

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