House Of Guitars (Rochester, NY)

House Of Guitars

House of Guitars in Rochester, NY is one hell of a cool place. Every musician worth his weight in guitar picks (and many who aren’t) has visited this landmark since it’s inception so many years ago. We have visited this Mecca of cool several times over the years. There so much jam-packed into this little building that there is always something new to see. What makes this store so absurd? You may be asking. If you visit, you will know. It’s absurdity is also it’s greatness. For in this store are what can only be described as positive heaps of CDs, records, cassettes, t-shirts, posters, videos, DVDs, magazines, and other assorted memorabilia. The heaps appear to have at one time (perhaps mid-to-late1987) had a discernable organizational pattern to them. But the store is organized no longer. Well, only very, very vaguely. This absurdity is is greatness.

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